I have naturally short lashes that graduate lighter towards the tip, which means I need one hell of a mascara to accentuate the little that I possess! I have been through many mascaras over the years but keep coming back to a select few. So here’s the breakdown:

Wand Wonderland!

PRO: In my kit I need a mascara with a good formula that doesn’t necessarily rely on the brush to do the hard work (as I use disposables or a flat brush to apply). So for this purpose, I use DiorShow mascaras, both original and waterproof. I find it quite black and easy to apply with no flaking. I would possibly use this for myself if it weren’t for the price tag. Remember – these need to go in the bin after 3 months. I also carry a selection of other mascaras (see image above) in my kit now as I tend to find I need a few depending on the client and also, some people simply like me to have options.


Bare Eye 1 – No Mascara

Bare Eye 2 – No Mascara


LUXE – For myself, I use Benefit Bad Gal Lash (original) $36. I used this mascara for years, though I tried others in between that had good reviews just to see what the fuss was about. I still kept coming back to benefit. The brush is HUGE and works really well for me having lashes that need volume, length and depth. Its super black and even after 3 coats it still looks lush, not clumped together like mud. I did have a couple of tubes recently that flaked when dry but after persisting with what could have been a bad batch (it happens), its back in my makeup case. I do not, however, like the waterproof version of Bad Gal or the brush. I have found it’s not very waterproof yet hard to remove and the head of the brush is a lot smaller than the original so it’s not a selling point for me.  Sorry, but it doesn’t do me any favours.  It won’t deter me from the biggest, baddest mascara in my eyes though…i’m still a Benefit fan!

Bad Gal Mascara – 1 Coat

I have also recently gotten into the MAC Haute’n’Naughty lash. Wowzers – check out the pics below to see why I am so excited by this one! Was reluctant to buy it with a $42 price on this one, but I now constantly get asked what mascara I am wearing (obviously my lashes have gone from drab to fab!). It’s quite black, doesn’t flake and the best part… has a two-in-one brush for different decantation of the product. What this means is the top bright pink section of the tube (aka ‘day-wear’ wand) twists off to reveal a large fluffy brush with minimal product on it – AWESOMMMMEE for my bottom lashes as they are quite long and curly and I hate getting mascara-mess under the eyes. You then replace the wand into the tube and twist of the second sparkly purple section (aka ‘night-wear’) which reveals the same big brush but with more product decanted on it for a fuller, richer volume. I tend to use the ‘night-wear’ twist for my upper lashes and the ‘day-wear’ twist for my lower lashes. One coat and I’m done!

MAC Haute N Naughty – 1 Coat

MAC Haute N Naughty – 1 Coat

LESS – Maybelline Falsies Black Drama approx. $19 is exceptionally good for a ‘pharmacy brand’ mascara. A few of the BBB’s were talking about this so I knew I had to try. It’s quite black in pigment – more so than some other expensive houses that charge over $50 for a tube  of their concoction.  The brush has a medium/large head with bristles that are rubber like so the product gives instant visible results – I always have one of these on hand now!

Maybelline Falsie Black Drama – 1 coat

Maybelline Falsies – 1 coat

Need any tips as a ‘domestic’ or ‘professional’ artist on the best ways to apply your mascara? Just comment below and I will give you some extra hints.

What’s your must-have mascara?

Stay beautiful, 

D xo


2 thoughts on “BIG, BAD MASCARA (Review)

  1. Haute N Naughty looks AWESOME on you!

    I’ve tried 2 sample tubes of Benefit Bad Gal, and I just can’t get it to work for me 😦 maybe both tubes I’ve had were dodgy, because it was just too wet and smudged like crazy on me.

    • Oh No! Sometimes that happens – as an artist I can defintely say I have witnessed a few dodgy batches of products over the years… sucks as a consumer though! Hope you find your Holy Grail mascara in the end!

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