Disclaimer – It’s all ME ME ME!

Hi Everyone – just a quick note before I start to ‘press’ some new blog info for you. I have recently taken on a second job with MAC Cosmetics and I am loving it! However, I do need to make it very clear that my opinions and views are soley my own and are in NO way are they affiliated or connected with MAC Cosmetics. It is important that you note that all products I reveiw, be they from MAC Cosmetics or any other brand, will be honest and it is for this reason that it needs to be known that all things mentioned on this blog (or in the virtual blogging world) will be my own personal thoughts and not those of the company. There may be some things I myself do not like – and that is OK, because that is MY own opinion. I can still provide you with some tips and tricks, so don’t panic!! I just need to make this very clear – very, VERY clear (for legal purposes)!! LOL Hope you all got it now..stay tuned for some news and info

Stay Beautiful,

D xo