Brush Up

There are a couple of things I get asked a lot about brushes and my response is always the same…

Q: Do brushes make a difference? Are they necessary?….


Though the way I explain it goes a little more like this – Can a hairdresser put your hair up without hair bands, sprays, pins and even hair brushes?? Well the short answer is yes – but the results are not the same as they would be with the right tools. It may not stay put, look healthy or glamourous. It’s the same with makeup. You can use other means to put on your makeup but you wont get the same finish of perfection that you would with brushes…and even more so, good quality brushes. Now I have something like 70 brushes that I use in the studio on a daily basis. Typically on myself I use anywhere between 3 – 5 brushes when I put my face on. Obviously being an artist feeds my small addiction to brushes because I still want more!  So, what would I reccomend?

LUXE  (for the makeup professional or enthusiast on the domestic market) – I sincerely love Illamasqua brushes and that is for a number of reasons – 

1) they are 100% cruelty free as they are synthetic 

2) being a high grade taklon fibre they can be used on both wet and dry products so they’re great for dual-use!

3) they are manufactured black in colour so no messy dye bleeds out when they are cleaned.  

They blend really well, have great head shapes and are beautiful to hold. The only negative about Illamasqua brushes is they need more variety. Instead of 12 brushes I’d like to see more like 20. Just a slightly fuller set so professionals can be satisfied with a larger roll including more variety. A set (5 brushes in a small roll) will set you back about $145 (online) – $199 (in store), which isn’t too bad. You get around a $50 saving (ie; a free brush) if you purchase them in a set. 

I also use MAC, Make Up Store, Benefit and Gorgeous Cosmetics brushes. I bought GC brushes in my starter kit when doing my diploma and have to say most of the set are not my tools of choice as I don’t find the quality good enough. They have considerably disintegrated over the last 4 years of use so it’s not a positive for me to purchase this brand in future. I have also used a number of other brushes over the years including Issada, Japonesque and Sigma and am now saving for Rae Morris’ new set – j’adore!

LESS – If you are on a budget – try Manicare range Artiste (available from Priceline and Myer) or Ecotools (also available from Priceline). You can pick up a small collection for around $50. Alternatively, you can purchase a travel set of brushes from MAC for between $80 – $180 depending on where you buy them from (online or in store). I have one that goes with me everywhere, in case of emergency!

Although you can get away with using brushes that perhaps are not as expensive or professional as what I use or recommend, it is really worth saving for the good stuff. Start small and work your way up to a bigger and better array of tools.. and then be sure to tuck them in every night!

If you need tips on how to care for your brushes, just ask!

Stay beautiful,

D xo


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