“T’was” the season to be jolly!!


Major apologies for being off the scene lately – Christmas in our family is a huge affair, one which is always wonderful but exhausting! It starts weeks before the festive season with lots of butter – yes, butter. A clear memory of mine from growing up was that there were stacks of butter in the house for cooking and baking all of the Christmas goodies. Now being european this is not neccessarily out of the ordinary. We always have unsalted butter in our house for cooking but Christmas time sees this increase almost ten fold.  This year, my sister and her bf (who is from the USA) organized and made this amazing Thanksgving feast, which meant we started eating in November – and pretty much didnt stop. Then we had a wedding in the family and relatives here from Melbourne which meant, you guessed it, more butter =)


Butter...butter..and more butter!


JUST in case we didn't have enough!!


For the last few years we have done NYE at home as we find it either too expensive or too much of a hassle to drive/taxi/park/walk or go out anywhere due to the overwhelming mass of people who converge on all the hotspots. We also live right near a golf course who put on a fireworks show each year so we get the best of all worlds staying right in the comfort of our own home. Our small (but FAB) party of 10 for NYE was so much fun. And being Greek, we have a New Year’s tradition, that of course, involves cake. The cake is called a Vas-i-lop-it-a (or Orange Cake) which is cut every NYE or NYD which blesses the household, family and friends for the year ahead. A coin is wrapped in foil and dropped into the batter when its in the tin ready to pop into the oven to cook. We cut a piece for each member of the household and family, named as we go along. Whomever gets the coin at the bottom of their piece has a lucky year. So I guess that’s ME!! I GOT THE COIN!! It is a huge deal in our culture and has always been something I look forward to each year..secretly hoping to get the coin (and tres excited that I got it for 2012!!).


Vasilopita 2012


My coin!

Now I know I am a Beauty Blogger but I felt I had to catch you all up on the happenings (I will pop random things, probably to do with food, in every now and then!).  All in all it was a fabulous festive season, full of good food, people and pressies!! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones, however you chose to spend it. I’ve popped up some pics of the holiday adventures (including the sweets table on boxing day with my sisters awesommmmme gingerbread house) – enjoy!!

Jason & I at my couins wedding


Do you think we had ENOUGH presents? Could'nt get them all in the picture!


My sister, Lydia, and I on Christmas Day


Boxing Day Sweets... almost more than the presents under the tree!!




Well done Lydia!

D xo

One thought on ““T’was” the season to be jolly!!

  1. Aaawww, beauty blogging does not mean you cannot put anything else other than beauty-related, Dee! This is your blog, and I love hearing and reading and checking out the photos of what you been up to.

    PS: That’s A LOT of BUTTER!!

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