BBBE Christmas Affair, 2011

WOW – so many gorgeous ladies at one table! The Brisbane Beauty Bloggers Christmas Party was held at the Brunswick Social (a dumplings bar) in Fortitude Valley in December 2011. I have never been there before – awesome ambience and yummy dumplings to boot! We had a hidden ‘room’ under the stairs which was so cosy. We probably had wayyyy too many dumplings with most of us trying to offload on each other or sending some untouched back to the kitchen (I was unfortunately guilty!). After the dumpling indulgence, we did the “beauty swap” which I guess could be classed as the traditional dance of Beauty Bloggers. There were countless items put out on display (even the waiter had to question what we were doing – I think he thought we were “touching up” our makeup LOL!) but everyone was very courteous in the way they swatched, tried and shared products on offer.

The great swap!

I myself took probably 12 or more items and was happy to not take too many back – the studio is overflowing as it is, I will have to start selling off my clothes to make space in my draws next, lol! In the end I was lucky and happy to walk away with the following items:

  • Models Prefer Black Ink Pencil Liner – this stays suprisingly well on the waterline!
  • Face of Australia Colour Max Eye Shadow Palette in Gold Mine – I often carry this in my makeup case for touch ups
  • Face of Australia Molten Metallics Nail Enamel in White Gold – a great shade to contrast my olive skin
  • Absolutely Givenchy Fragrance– a light, fruity floral fragrance for everyday (so I don’t have to drink up my expensive ones all the time!)

    My goodies!!!

We each also received a very generous present from the two Hauties – Sarah (Hip&Haute) and Ani (Haute&Stylish) – hoorah! I got a lovely Ajana Vanilla & Pear Candle (heavenly!!) and a Ginger Body Scrub (which I am yet to try). The icing on the cake was a lovely Christmas card and a guest pass to the Estee Lauder Staff Store. Thank you gals, I promise to put it all to VERY good use!

Goodies and Pressies

I had such a lovely evening and enjoyed spending time and swapping products and knowledge with you all. Can’t wait to catch up again in 2012.

Ani (Haute&Stylish) doing a fab 'blue steel' pose

All the lovely ladies!

My girls - thanks for the fun times!

Long live the Brisbane Beauty Bloggers!!

Stay Beautiful,

D xo


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