I have naturally short lashes that graduate lighter towards the tip, which means I need one hell of a mascara to accentuate the little that I possess! I have been through many mascaras over the years but keep coming back to a select few. So here’s the breakdown:

Wand Wonderland!

PRO: In my kit I need a mascara with a good formula that doesn’t necessarily rely on the brush to do the hard work (as I use disposables or a flat brush to apply). So for this purpose, I use DiorShow mascaras, both original and waterproof. I find it quite black and easy to apply with no flaking. I would possibly use this for myself if it weren’t for the price tag. Remember – these need to go in the bin after 3 months. I also carry a selection of other mascaras (see image above) in my kit now as I tend to find I need a few depending on the client and also, some people simply like me to have options.


Bare Eye 1 – No Mascara

Bare Eye 2 – No Mascara


LUXE – For myself, I use Benefit Bad Gal Lash (original) $36. I used this mascara for years, though I tried others in between that had good reviews just to see what the fuss was about. I still kept coming back to benefit. The brush is HUGE and works really well for me having lashes that need volume, length and depth. Its super black and even after 3 coats it still looks lush, not clumped together like mud. I did have a couple of tubes recently that flaked when dry but after persisting with what could have been a bad batch (it happens), its back in my makeup case. I do not, however, like the waterproof version of Bad Gal or the brush. I have found it’s not very waterproof yet hard to remove and the head of the brush is a lot smaller than the original so it’s not a selling point for me.  Sorry, but it doesn’t do me any favours.  It won’t deter me from the biggest, baddest mascara in my eyes though…i’m still a Benefit fan!

Bad Gal Mascara – 1 Coat

I have also recently gotten into the MAC Haute’n’Naughty lash. Wowzers – check out the pics below to see why I am so excited by this one! Was reluctant to buy it with a $42 price on this one, but I now constantly get asked what mascara I am wearing (obviously my lashes have gone from drab to fab!). It’s quite black, doesn’t flake and the best part… has a two-in-one brush for different decantation of the product. What this means is the top bright pink section of the tube (aka ‘day-wear’ wand) twists off to reveal a large fluffy brush with minimal product on it – AWESOMMMMEE for my bottom lashes as they are quite long and curly and I hate getting mascara-mess under the eyes. You then replace the wand into the tube and twist of the second sparkly purple section (aka ‘night-wear’) which reveals the same big brush but with more product decanted on it for a fuller, richer volume. I tend to use the ‘night-wear’ twist for my upper lashes and the ‘day-wear’ twist for my lower lashes. One coat and I’m done!

MAC Haute N Naughty – 1 Coat

MAC Haute N Naughty – 1 Coat

LESS – Maybelline Falsies Black Drama approx. $19 is exceptionally good for a ‘pharmacy brand’ mascara. A few of the BBB’s were talking about this so I knew I had to try. It’s quite black in pigment – more so than some other expensive houses that charge over $50 for a tube  of their concoction.  The brush has a medium/large head with bristles that are rubber like so the product gives instant visible results – I always have one of these on hand now!

Maybelline Falsie Black Drama – 1 coat

Maybelline Falsies – 1 coat

Need any tips as a ‘domestic’ or ‘professional’ artist on the best ways to apply your mascara? Just comment below and I will give you some extra hints.

What’s your must-have mascara?

Stay beautiful, 

D xo


Disclaimer – It’s all ME ME ME!

Hi Everyone – just a quick note before I start to ‘press’ some new blog info for you. I have recently taken on a second job with MAC Cosmetics and I am loving it! However, I do need to make it very clear that my opinions and views are soley my own and are in NO way are they affiliated or connected with MAC Cosmetics. It is important that you note that all products I reveiw, be they from MAC Cosmetics or any other brand, will be honest and it is for this reason that it needs to be known that all things mentioned on this blog (or in the virtual blogging world) will be my own personal thoughts and not those of the company. There may be some things I myself do not like – and that is OK, because that is MY own opinion. I can still provide you with some tips and tricks, so don’t panic!! I just need to make this very clear – very, VERY clear (for legal purposes)!! LOL Hope you all got it now..stay tuned for some news and info

Stay Beautiful,

D xo

Put your PaPaw’s Up

PaPaw Ointment is one of my fav little beauty wonders of the world. What doesn’t this little baby do? Cook dinner – and that’s about it! It is most commonly known as a glossy fix for chapped lips and became “fashionable” when I was in high school, but our family always had a tub (or three) in the house when I was growing up. It helps soothe and heal boils, burns, chaffing, cuts, cracked skin, gravel rash, splinters, open wounds, insect bites and nappy rash (according to the tube). I happen to also know (thanks to a grandfather who was a Chemist) that you can also eat this fermented Pa Paw ointment to help with internal ulcers.

I also love the fact that I am supporting local business as this fab Lucas’ PaPaw t is one thing I would take with me to a desert island and is ALLLLWAYS in my handbag. I have a few tubes in the studio and one in the car. Im telling you, for RRP around $5, it can do so much. If you haven’t got one of red hot tubes… get going!!

Stay beautiful,

D xo

…Technical Difficulties…

Hi All!

Hope you had a fab Australia Day! Just wanted to do a quick post to let you know that I’ve been having technical difficulties with posting lately. I have another 3 posts lined up and waiting… so hopefully these will come to you within the next week. Apologies for those of you who have expected a post when I said it was coming and due to these issues, couldn’t follow through.

Let’s all pray that WP plays nice with me this week!

Thanks for stopping by!

Stay Beautiful,

D xo

Brush Up

There are a couple of things I get asked a lot about brushes and my response is always the same…

Q: Do brushes make a difference? Are they necessary?….


Though the way I explain it goes a little more like this – Can a hairdresser put your hair up without hair bands, sprays, pins and even hair brushes?? Well the short answer is yes – but the results are not the same as they would be with the right tools. It may not stay put, look healthy or glamourous. It’s the same with makeup. You can use other means to put on your makeup but you wont get the same finish of perfection that you would with brushes…and even more so, good quality brushes. Now I have something like 70 brushes that I use in the studio on a daily basis. Typically on myself I use anywhere between 3 – 5 brushes when I put my face on. Obviously being an artist feeds my small addiction to brushes because I still want more!  So, what would I reccomend?

LUXE  (for the makeup professional or enthusiast on the domestic market) – I sincerely love Illamasqua brushes and that is for a number of reasons – 

1) they are 100% cruelty free as they are synthetic 

2) being a high grade taklon fibre they can be used on both wet and dry products so they’re great for dual-use!

3) they are manufactured black in colour so no messy dye bleeds out when they are cleaned.  

They blend really well, have great head shapes and are beautiful to hold. The only negative about Illamasqua brushes is they need more variety. Instead of 12 brushes I’d like to see more like 20. Just a slightly fuller set so professionals can be satisfied with a larger roll including more variety. A set (5 brushes in a small roll) will set you back about $145 (online) – $199 (in store), which isn’t too bad. You get around a $50 saving (ie; a free brush) if you purchase them in a set. 

I also use MAC, Make Up Store, Benefit and Gorgeous Cosmetics brushes. I bought GC brushes in my starter kit when doing my diploma and have to say most of the set are not my tools of choice as I don’t find the quality good enough. They have considerably disintegrated over the last 4 years of use so it’s not a positive for me to purchase this brand in future. I have also used a number of other brushes over the years including Issada, Japonesque and Sigma and am now saving for Rae Morris’ new set – j’adore!

LESS – If you are on a budget – try Manicare range Artiste (available from Priceline and Myer) or Ecotools (also available from Priceline). You can pick up a small collection for around $50. Alternatively, you can purchase a travel set of brushes from MAC for between $80 – $180 depending on where you buy them from (online or in store). I have one that goes with me everywhere, in case of emergency!

Although you can get away with using brushes that perhaps are not as expensive or professional as what I use or recommend, it is really worth saving for the good stuff. Start small and work your way up to a bigger and better array of tools.. and then be sure to tuck them in every night!

If you need tips on how to care for your brushes, just ask!

Stay beautiful,

D xo

BBBE Christmas Affair, 2011

WOW – so many gorgeous ladies at one table! The Brisbane Beauty Bloggers Christmas Party was held at the Brunswick Social (a dumplings bar) in Fortitude Valley in December 2011. I have never been there before – awesome ambience and yummy dumplings to boot! We had a hidden ‘room’ under the stairs which was so cosy. We probably had wayyyy too many dumplings with most of us trying to offload on each other or sending some untouched back to the kitchen (I was unfortunately guilty!). After the dumpling indulgence, we did the “beauty swap” which I guess could be classed as the traditional dance of Beauty Bloggers. There were countless items put out on display (even the waiter had to question what we were doing – I think he thought we were “touching up” our makeup LOL!) but everyone was very courteous in the way they swatched, tried and shared products on offer.

The great swap!

I myself took probably 12 or more items and was happy to not take too many back – the studio is overflowing as it is, I will have to start selling off my clothes to make space in my draws next, lol! In the end I was lucky and happy to walk away with the following items:

  • Models Prefer Black Ink Pencil Liner – this stays suprisingly well on the waterline!
  • Face of Australia Colour Max Eye Shadow Palette in Gold Mine – I often carry this in my makeup case for touch ups
  • Face of Australia Molten Metallics Nail Enamel in White Gold – a great shade to contrast my olive skin
  • Absolutely Givenchy Fragrance– a light, fruity floral fragrance for everyday (so I don’t have to drink up my expensive ones all the time!)

    My goodies!!!

We each also received a very generous present from the two Hauties – Sarah (Hip&Haute) and Ani (Haute&Stylish) – hoorah! I got a lovely Ajana Vanilla & Pear Candle (heavenly!!) and a Ginger Body Scrub (which I am yet to try). The icing on the cake was a lovely Christmas card and a guest pass to the Estee Lauder Staff Store. Thank you gals, I promise to put it all to VERY good use!

Goodies and Pressies

I had such a lovely evening and enjoyed spending time and swapping products and knowledge with you all. Can’t wait to catch up again in 2012.

Ani (Haute&Stylish) doing a fab 'blue steel' pose

All the lovely ladies!

My girls - thanks for the fun times!

Long live the Brisbane Beauty Bloggers!!

Stay Beautiful,

D xo

“T’was” the season to be jolly!!


Major apologies for being off the scene lately – Christmas in our family is a huge affair, one which is always wonderful but exhausting! It starts weeks before the festive season with lots of butter – yes, butter. A clear memory of mine from growing up was that there were stacks of butter in the house for cooking and baking all of the Christmas goodies. Now being european this is not neccessarily out of the ordinary. We always have unsalted butter in our house for cooking but Christmas time sees this increase almost ten fold.  This year, my sister and her bf (who is from the USA) organized and made this amazing Thanksgving feast, which meant we started eating in November – and pretty much didnt stop. Then we had a wedding in the family and relatives here from Melbourne which meant, you guessed it, more butter =)


Butter...butter..and more butter!


JUST in case we didn't have enough!!


For the last few years we have done NYE at home as we find it either too expensive or too much of a hassle to drive/taxi/park/walk or go out anywhere due to the overwhelming mass of people who converge on all the hotspots. We also live right near a golf course who put on a fireworks show each year so we get the best of all worlds staying right in the comfort of our own home. Our small (but FAB) party of 10 for NYE was so much fun. And being Greek, we have a New Year’s tradition, that of course, involves cake. The cake is called a Vas-i-lop-it-a (or Orange Cake) which is cut every NYE or NYD which blesses the household, family and friends for the year ahead. A coin is wrapped in foil and dropped into the batter when its in the tin ready to pop into the oven to cook. We cut a piece for each member of the household and family, named as we go along. Whomever gets the coin at the bottom of their piece has a lucky year. So I guess that’s ME!! I GOT THE COIN!! It is a huge deal in our culture and has always been something I look forward to each year..secretly hoping to get the coin (and tres excited that I got it for 2012!!).


Vasilopita 2012


My coin!

Now I know I am a Beauty Blogger but I felt I had to catch you all up on the happenings (I will pop random things, probably to do with food, in every now and then!).  All in all it was a fabulous festive season, full of good food, people and pressies!! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones, however you chose to spend it. I’ve popped up some pics of the holiday adventures (including the sweets table on boxing day with my sisters awesommmmme gingerbread house) – enjoy!!

Jason & I at my couins wedding


Do you think we had ENOUGH presents? Could'nt get them all in the picture!


My sister, Lydia, and I on Christmas Day


Boxing Day Sweets... almost more than the presents under the tree!!




Well done Lydia!

D xo